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hen computer troubleshooter Meg Malloy is hired to resurrect the corpse of the crashed-and-burned fundraising website of a televangelist, she is unexpectedly plunged into a swirling world of Internet porn and identity theft. Is the church's database crash connected to the sudden disappearance of the televangelist's teenage daughter? Meg reluctantly agrees to extend her duties to checking on the daughter, only to narrowly avoid an attempt on her life.

Finding herself on the run from the police, the FBI and the Detroit mafia, Meg asks freelance tough guy Jack Bear to watch her back while she tries to solve the mystery of the missing church funds and attempted murder.

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High Country Publishers, Paperback, May 2004, ISBN:1-9321-5852-9


"Author Terry offers minimal violence, maximum intrigue and just the right touch of romantic interest to hold the reader to the next chapter."
   —Ginny Stolicker, The Oakland Press

"Action, excitement, and suspense mix with computer hacking, easy-to-read prose, and bits of humor for a promising series debut."
   —Library Journal

"There aren't many men who can accurately describe the thinking processes of women. Mark Terry is one of them, and he does it well in Dirty Deeds featuring Meg Malloy, computer troubleshooter and high-tech P.I. Terry's latest offering is a clever mystery with an unresolved romantic twist that's sure to lead to further books in the series."
   —Mary V. Welk, Mystery Scene Magazine

"Dirty Deeds is a nicely developed combination of the hard-boiled private eye novel with well-honed computer geekiness."
   —Steve Lewis, Mystery*File

"A fine, well-plotted and crafted entertainment that got me back to reading again."
   —Susan Streib, DorothyL

"It takes real skill as a writer to craft a story around sleazy subjects, such as prostitution and the mob, and not get caught up in the murkiness of the tale. But Mark Terry manages to not only sidestep the darker side, but to focus on the unresolved sexual tension between Meg and Jack to kick out a great mystery. Meg has no problem carrying the story...she's smart, rich, and has just enough issues to be fascinating. But Jack's character is sheer brilliance, and the tight dialogue between him and Meg absolutely sizzles. Mark Terry is coy enough to use their relationship as a finger beckoning the reader toward his next novel, while the reader can't get enough of DIRTY DEEDS. This is an airy page turner and a good old fashioned Nero Wolfe type of good time."
   —Shelley Glodowski, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Review of Books