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Monster Seeker 3 MONSTER SEEKER 3
The Amulet Mysterium

The exciting conclusion to the Monster Seeker saga!

Monster Seekers around the world are under assault. After Danny O'Malley defeated one of the Thanans and sent him back to the Beyond, it all should have been quiet. But the Grim Reaper has other plans. He sends Danny on a quest around the world and into the Beyond and the Faelands to find his friend Ike and recruit an army to fight in the coming war. Because the Thanans are rising again, and they are joining with Shadrach, the greatest dark sorcerer the Monster Seeker Academy has ever seen, and a group of Dark Seekers, a group of perpetually ill-tempered dark magic-infused psychopaths that just won't die.

The Reaper's instructions: The Amulet Mysterium is everything. Save the lost, kill the ghost, the end.

It's a journey that will send him literally to hell and back.

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