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Show Business is Murder SHORT STORIES

ark's short story, "Murder at the Heartbreak Hotel," is featured in the anthology, SHOW BUSINESS IS MURDER. Other contributors include Stuart Kaminsky, Edward Hoch, Elaine Viets, Gary Phillips and others. To order from Amazon, click here.

Mark's short story, "11 Minutes," is now available by clicking here.

Mark also has a short story, "Just As Dead," which is available by clicking here.


lthough you're presumably visiting my website to know more about me and my novels, I'm also a freelance writer. A big chunk of my writing revolves around the biotech industry and clinical diagnostics and genetics. I've written literally hundreds of articles and book reviews, but here's a sampling of a few articles that I thought might be of interest. As you can see, I also write about other things besides science—like money and patents and, uh, spies. I hope you enjoy. And stay tuned, because more may crop up from time to time.

Cult-Pop video interview with Mark (it's #8 on their list)!

On Writing (2005-2006)

Spies Like, Uh... Us (June 2005)