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Hundreds of years in the future, a Doctors Without Borders spaceship crashes on the planet Vatkan. Will the survivors become guinea pigs for biological warfare experiments... or escape the hostile planet?

Terry writes like Lee Child on steroids.
—Ray Walsh for the Lansing State Journal
Stillwater is an exciting character to follow, methodical and inventive, yet daring and courageous.
Mystery Book News

Tougher than Jason Bourne and smarter than Jack Ryan, Derek Stillwater is a hero for troubled times.
—Paul Levine, author of Solomon vs. Lord

A well written romp…. It is a tale that action devotees should love.
—John H. Manhold, award winning author


Mark Terry is the author of more than 20 novels, most notably his award-winning, best-selling Derek Stillwater thrillers. In addition to thrillers, Mark has written books for kids in the fantasy genre, as well as mysteries and science fiction for adults. A full-time freelancer, he writes primarily about science, biopharma and healthcare. He is also an in-demand ghostwriter of fiction and nonfiction. His books have been translated into French, German and Slovak and turned into audio books.

Mark has spent his entire life in Michigan, where he lives with his wife and dog Bowie. When not writing, he can be found at the CrossFit gym, pool, or out walking the dog or practicing karate. He also likes to draw and play the guitar and ukulele.

Latest Book:

A Plague of Stars

Con Torres is a physician with Doctors Without Borders—hundreds of years in the future. When his spaceship crash lands on the planet Vatkan, he and the other two survivors are quickly captured and placed into a POW camp and forced into hard labor. The head of the Vatkan military research division plans to use him and his fellow survivor, ship captain Paul Levin, as guinea pigs for his biological warfare experiments to create the prophesied “Plague of Stars.” Meanwhile, the other survivor, Valeya, becomes a political pawn between the Vatkan leadership and a resistance group trying to overthrow the government. Con and Paul must try to escape the POW camp, rescue Val and get the hell off Vatkan.


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